We Know Christ As He Is Through The Gospel

Sunday: Transfiguration – Sermon based on Matthew 17:1-9

Wonderful Things Have Been Fulfilled

The Third Sunday After Epiphany – Sermon based on Luke 4:14-21

The Christ Child Is The Lord and Savior of All The World

Epiphany – Sermon based on Matthew 2:1-12

How We Approach God With Confidence

Epiphany sermon based on Ephesians 3:2-12

Sermon from 01-11-09

HUMAN CHILD AND DIVINE SAVIOR Making Himself known through… I. His Humility II. His Divinity III. His Righteousness


The word “epiphany” means “manifestation.”  During the epiphany season we reflect upon the ways in which Jesus, a humble child of Mary, was revealed as the Savior of the world, including the gentiles.  That is why the gospel texts for the season touch on such; His first miracle, at Cana, on His precocious wisdom at Read more about EPIPHANY[…]