A Tyrant Dethroned

…the fix we are in – cursed and dying. But there is hope.

The Death of Samson and The Prayer of Samson

Sermon based on Judges 16:18-30

Jesus Died For . .

The Fifth Sunday In Lent – Sermon based on Romans 5:6-10

It All Goes Back To This

Sunday: Septuagesima – Sermon based on Genesis 3:1-24

If Men Do These Things When The Tree Is Green, What Will Happen When It Is Dry?

Homily based on Luke 23:27-31 for Good Friday

How We Are Saved From Sin And Death

How We Are Saved From Sin And Death (based on Ephesians 2:4-10) I. Why God Saves Us II. For What Future God Saves Us III. How God Saves Us IV. What He Accomplishes in Our Lives by Saving Us

We are Subjects of an Everlasting Kingdom

WE ARE SUBJECTS OF AN EVERLASTING KINGDOM I. Death and Darkness Have No Dominion II. It’s Because of the King!

Easter Sunday 2009 (Sunrise Service)

Here is the Easter message from the 2009 Sunrise Service

Sermon from 03-29-09

THE ONE WHOSE WORD GIVES LIFE I.  The Word of Unbelief Brings Death II. The Word of Christ Bring Life III. Word Rooted in Truth of the Atoning Sacrifice