Won’t Anyone Give Thanks?

Sermon based on Luke 17:11-19. The Festival of Thanksgiving. WON'T ANYONE GIVE THANKS? I. We, too, are Negligent in Thanksgiving. II. Let Us Return to Give Thanks.

God’s Ways Are Good Beyond Our Reckoning

The Fourth Sunday After Epiphany – Sermon based on Isaiah 55:8,9

As The One Leper Of Ten, We Should Always Be Giving Thanks and Praise to God

The Twenty-First Sunday After Pentecost – Sermon based on Luke 17:11-19

Watch Out!

The Twelfth Sunday After Pentecost – Sermon based on Luke 12:13-21

Faith and Thanksgiving Go Hand in Hand

Thanksgiving – Sermon based on Philippians 4:6-13

It Is Faith That Makes Us Whole

IT IS FAITH THAT MAKES US WHOLE When We Suffer When We Are Ungrateful When We Turn from Our Sinfulness      

Thanksgiving 2008

Guidance for Our Prayer of Thanks To Whom We Give Thanks For What We Give Thanks Why We Give Thanks