The Humble Path to Victory

The first truth revealed is that GOD is the only one who can take the path that leads to our salvation…

A Believer and His (or Her) Sins

Sermon based on 2 Samuel 11:26-12:13

Sharing the Joy!

For about ten years now St. Timothy Lutheran Church has been using the expression “Sharing the Joy!” together with the rising sun behind the empty cross. This symbol is an allusion to the resurrection of Christ after His crucifixion. The reason for our emphasis is that there is no greater joy than the knowledge that we have been forgiven of our sins and reconciled to God through the atoning death, life, and resurrection of Jesus.

I Tell You the Truth

Sermon based on John 8:31-36 Ash Wednesday I TELL YOU THE TRUTH Anyone Who Sins Is a Slave to Sin

The Church is Given the Power to Forgive

Sermon based on the office of the keys and confession: John 20:21-23. The Sixteenth Sunday after Trinity. THE CHURCH IS GIVEN THE POWER TO FORGIVE. I. The Church Forgives and Retains Sins.  II. According to Christ's Command. III. To Accomplish God's Will in the World.

“The Last Word” – “The Takeaway” – “The Bottom Line” of the Christian Faith

What is the “last word” of Christianity? By that, I mean what is a statement that I want my flock to take with them as they go home on Sunday?  What is the Biblical truth that people need to remember in moments of crisis, including crisis of conscience?  Of all the things that teenagers remember Read more about “The Last Word” – “The Takeaway” – “The Bottom Line” of the Christian Faith[…]

Be Ready!

New Year’s Eve – Sermon based on Luke 12:35-40

Family Christmas Service Homily

The Fourth Sunday In Advent – Homily based on John 1:19-34

Those Under The Cross Are Blessed: Living as One of the Forgiven

Festival of All Saints – Sermon based on Matthew 5:1-12