A Tyrant Dethroned

…the fix we are in – cursed and dying. But there is hope.

Lessons In Faithfulness

So what is the key point in this text? It is the faithfulness of King Hezekiah…

“The Last Word” – “The Takeaway” – “The Bottom Line” of the Christian Faith

What is the “last word” of Christianity? By that, I mean what is a statement that I want my flock to take with them as they go home on Sunday?  What is the Biblical truth that people need to remember in moments of crisis, including crisis of conscience?  Of all the things that teenagers remember Read more about “The Last Word” – “The Takeaway” – “The Bottom Line” of the Christian Faith[…]

2013 Family Evening Bible Fellowship

Tuesday & Thursday, August 6 and 8, 2013 6:30 pm to 9:30 pm   This year, in the place of Vacation Bible School, we will be enjoying two evenings of Bible study and Christian fellowship. The studies will be based on Broken, a book by Rev. Jonathan Fisk that discusses seven deceptive false teachings that Read more about 2013 Family Evening Bible Fellowship[…]

Who Is It That You Want?

From a Lenten series “Searching Questions From Our Savior’s Passion”.

Light Has Come To This Dark World

LIGHT HAS COME TO THIS DARK WORLD I.  Light Removes the Shadow of Death II. Fishers-of-men Gather People In III. We Have Received the Light Listen

Profitable Christianity / Godly Contentment

PROFITABLE CHRISTIANITY GODLY CONTENTMENT I. Not Our Culture’s Kind of Profit II. The Profit of Faith and a Changed Heart III. The Profit of Everlasting Life Conclusion: Keep the Faith