Songs for the Savior: The Song of Mary

Midweek Advent Service

Advent: The Song of Simeon

The Song of Simeon

Summary Of The Old Testament History For Advent 1

The Old Testament does not recount the complete story of the human race, but God selects only those movements, characters, and events, which provide a history of salvation. A loving and personal God created the universe; it did not gradually evolve over a period of countless millions of years. By His almighty word God called Read more about Summary Of The Old Testament History For Advent 1[…]

God With Us.

Homily Based on Mathew 1:18-25. Forth Sunday in Advent. Family Christmas Service. God With Us.

The Greatest Message of All Time.

Sermon Based on John 1:6-8,19-28 Third Sunday in Advent. THE GREATEST MESSAGE OF ALL TIME. I. Given in Power and Blessing. II. Proclaiming the Hidden Savior. III. Altogether Saving.

Include Us In Your Kingdom, Lord

The Second Sunday In Advent – Sermon based on Matthew 6:9-10a

Women of the Old Testament and the Coming Savior: II. Rahab – The Savior Was To Be A Savior Of Sinners

The Seconde Wednesday Of Advent – Sermon based on Joshua 6:25

God Himself Prepares Us For His Coming With His Voice…

The Second Sunday Of Advent – Sermon based on Luke 3:1-6