June 16, 2010

Bible Classes

We get most out of worship when we understand what God is giving – and how.  We study the Biblical basis of our worship so as to better understand and participate. 

Bible Study Sunday Mornings at 9am for Adults.  A topical study week to week.
Sunday School Pre-school through high school on Sunday Mornings at 9am.  In Sunday school the children learn from the Bible the history of what God has done to save us from our sins.
Wednesday Night Bible Fellowship Wednesday nights at 7pm at times other than Lent and Advent.
Youth Group 6th – 12th grade on the 1st and 3rd Sundays at 4pm
Men's Bible Fellowship On the second Saturday of the month at Church. 8:30 am.  Coffee, doughnuts and fruit provided.
Basic Bible Christianity An overview of the Christian Faith in the Church Library on Thursday evenings at 7pm.