June 16, 2010

Bible Classes

We get most out of worship when we understand what God is giving – and how.  We study the Biblical basis of our worship so as to better understand and participate. 

Bible Study The apostle Paul presents a complete cosmology, and complete framework for "the way things are" that has enabled every generation of believers to live in confidence regarding how we fit in with God's plan, His rule, and our salvation.
Sunday School Sunday School and Adult Bible class are important if we and our children are to maintain our faith in and understanding of God's grace. It is important for our children to learn the Bible History that tells us what God has done in certain places and certain times to restore us to him.
Wednesday Night Bible Compline This is a simple service with communion, mainly for those who are unable to come on Sundays due to unavoidable requirements of work and the like. The service will last 20-25 minutes and will be followed by the …
Wednesday Night Bible Fellowship Combining high quality video presentations and regular Bible Study, we will be studying the book of Genesis as well as examining issues related to science and the Christian faith.  Everyone is welcome!
Youth Group 7th – 12th grade on the 1st and 3rd Sundays at 4pm
Men's Bible Fellowship On the second Saturday of the month at Church. 8:30 am.  Coffee, doughnuts and fruit provided.
Confirmation Wednesdays, 4:30 – 5:30pm
This crucial subject-by-subject study of the Bible continues to ground young people in their faith and provides them with the opportunity to examine what they believe in the light of God's word.