False Prophets Kill Souls; They Separate People From God

Sermon based on 1 Kings 12:26-33

A Believer and His (or Her) Sins

Sermon based on 2 Samuel 11:26-12:13

I Am … the Bread that Came Down from Heaven

Sermon based on John 6:35–51. Eleventh Sunday after Pentecost. 9 August, 2015. I AM …  THE BREAD THAT CAME DOWN FRON HEAVEN  

How does a Fearsome God Cast out Fear?

Sermon based on Mark 6:45-56. Ninth Sunday after Pentecost. HOW DOES A FEARSOME GOD CAST OUT FEAR? I. He Is Indeed the Lord II. He Deals Graciously With Us III. By Faith Our Fears Are Calmed

A Good Look at the Enemies of the Gospel

Sermon based on Mark 6:14-29. Seventh Sunday after Pentecost. A GOOD LOOK AT THE ENEMIES OF THE GOSPEL. I. Attractive and Appealing – and Guilty. II. Impenitent, Unbelieving, and Vindictive. III. Overcome by the Cross.

The Reign and Rule of God Comes Through His Word

Sermon baed on Mark 4:26-34. 3rd Sunday after Pentecost. THE REIGN AND RULE OF GOD COMES THROUGH HIS WORD. I. HE Rules and Reigns to His Ends. II. His Rule and Reign Provides Refuge.

The Great Issues of the Human Life

Sermon based on Mark 3:20-35. 2nd Sunday after Pentecost. THE GREAT ISSUES OF THE HUMAN LIFE. I. The Ultimate Issues Are Spiritual. II. Christ Invades Rules by The Holy Spirit through the Gospel. III. The Ultimate Relationship Is Our Relationship with God.

The Comfort of the Spirit is Good for You

Sermon based on John 15:7-11. Pentecost Sunday THE COMFORT OF THE SPIRIT IS GOOD FOR YOU. I. The Spirit is Active. II. The Spirit Convicts of Sin. III. The Spirit Convicts of Righteousness. IV. The Spirit Convicts of Victory.

Like Branches on a Vine

Sermon Based on John 15:1-8. Fifth Sunday of Easter. LIKE BRANCHES ON A VINE. I. Already On the Vine. II. Fruitless Branches Are Cut Off. III. Fruitful Branches Are Pruned. IV. Separate Branches Are Burned Up. V. Fruitful Branches Can “Be What They Want to Be.

Explication of the History of the Passion of Our Lord

Sermon based on Mark 14-15. Sunday of the Passion Palm Sunday. A READING AND BRIEF EXPLICATION OF THE HISTORY OF THE PASSION OF OUR LORD.